Helping individuals with terminal and severe chronic illnesses.
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Our Mission of Hope

Helping Families in Bexar County

Thousands of families are impacted by loved ones who are terminally ill or who are dealing with severe chronic illnesses. We offer help by connecting these individuals with financial assistance, referrals, and educational programs..

A Sense of Community

Uniting Volunteers Through a Shared Cause

We Are Alive is composed of volunteers and donors who offer highly valued resources for the benefit of others. We're able to accomplish what we do through the sheer passion and commitment of our community members.


Assistance with medical co-pays and living/travel expenses


Partner with a comprehensive network of local service providers


Programs that offer information on proper care for the individual

Case Workers! If you're a health care professional working for an agency or medical office and you know someone who could benefit from our services, complete an application on their behalf.

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